Invest in Greek Real Estate and enjoy the freedom to travel, live, and thrive in Europe.

  • Prime Real Estate Investment
  • Family Inclusion
  • Fast-track Residency
  • Strategic Location
  • Quality of Life

Greece’s Golden Visa Program is your gateway to a world of opportunity in Europe.

Being part of the European Union, Greece provides its residents and citizens with several comforting advantages, such as elevated levels of safety and security, exceptional educational prospects, strong healthcare choices, and a reliable legal system.

Key Advantages of the Greece Golden Visa Program

  • Visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area.
  • No requirement to reside in Greece.
  • Residence permits can be acquired within 90–120 days.
  • Unlimited expiry date of residence permit.
  • Opportunity to rent out the investment property.
  • Residence applicable to the whole family (married spouse, children under 21 years old, and parents of the main applicant and spouse).
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after seven years of residence.
  • Ability to hold shares and receive income from the dividends of a company registered in Greece (but not to be employed in Greece).

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    The Golden Visa Process


    Visit Greece

    Schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals to assess your eligibility and discuss investment options.


    Choose the preferred property

    Choose your preferred investment option, whether it's real estate, government bonds, or business ventures, and make the required investment.


    Submission of the application

    Our team will assist you in preparing and submitting your Golden Visa application, ensuring all requirements are met for a smooth process.


    Final verification

    Once your application is approved, you will receive your Golden Visa, granting you and your family residency in Greece.


    Q: Can I include my family members in my Golden Visa application?
    A: Yes, your spouse, children under 21, and dependent parents are all eligible to be included in your Golden Visa application.

    Q: How long does it take to obtain a Golden Visa?
    A: The processing time for a Golden Visa is typically around 2 months from the submission of the application.

    Q: Can I work in Greece with a Golden Visa?
    A: Yes, Golden Visa holders are allowed to work in Greece and travel freely within the Schengen Area.

    Q: Can I eventually apply for Greek citizenship through the Golden Visa program?
    A: Yes, after holding a Golden Visa for at least 7 years, you may be eligible to apply for Greek citizenship, subject to meeting certain criteria.

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